Meticulously Crafting Elegant Glass Table Tops in Anerley, London

It is undeniable that elegantly designed, crystal-clear glass furniture brings tasteful class to any property. That's why the passionate glaziers at A To B Glass & Glazing Ltd, in Anerley, London, create beautiful glass table tops and desk tops that are perfect for sophisticated homes and offices.

Polishing Glass Table Tops for Smooth Surfaces

Perhaps you have damaged the surface of your glass table and require specialist care to repair it. Alternatively, you may be in search of a brand-new style to match a change in decor. Whatever your needs, our experts tailor their craft to your preferences. We make our glass table tops using either toughened glass or clear glass, and we offer designs in virtually any colour.

Skilful Bevelling Glass Table Tops

Nothing adds class to a room like exquisitely made, crystal-clear, high-quality furniture. That's why we expertly craft top-quality glass table tops with beautifully finished bevelled edges. Supported by extensive experience glazing bespoke glass products, including elegant mirrors, we tailor our products to your needs.

Carefully Cutting Stylish Glass Table Tops

Enhance your room with a truly beautiful centrepiece by allowing us to cut a square, circular, oval, or free-styled table top that matches your decor. Simply consult the skilled glaziers at A To B Glass & Glazing Ltd when you are in need of a first-class glass table top cutting service. We create the perfect sheet of glass, tailored to your order specifications. Our table tops are available in a variety of stylish colours.

Creating Tempered Glass Desk Tops

Tempered glass is not only stain resistant, but it is also easy to clean. Opt for effortless style by allowing our skilled glaziers to a tempered glass desk top in the perfect shape and colour. We recommend you order your splashback at the same time as your desk top for a perfect colour match.

Contact us, in Anerley, London, to obtain more information about the beautiful glass table tops and desk tops we create.

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